FIRST Film Centre

FIRST Film Center is by the side of the festival committee, presenting curated programmes every year.

FIRST Film Centre aims at breaking the boundary of identity and communication, trying to create the platform on which the opinions of festival, media, 

audience, critics and guest speakers could co-exist at the same time. When the identity is deconstructed, the discussion becomes objective. The new space 

provide us more possibilities to communicate with the audience. Apart from the two hours of collective viewing shared together in the darkness, we also 

expect to know the strangers next to you and to remember their opinions. Audience are identified as individuals, and their sharing extends into wider time and 

space. FIRST Film Center welcomes young filmmakers to share their ideas and doubts and to meet new friends here.

Address: 1st Floor, Building 7, Huitong Office Park, 1 Yaojiayuan South Road, Beijing