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Since the university tour screening in 2012, FIRST has been continuously presenting films outside the festival. The tour screening started in universities and 

eventually extended to urban spaces while the right to programme is now in the local organizers’ hand. This eventually build up the Public Programming Tour 


After 5 years, Public Programming has present FIRST films in all 34 provinces in China as well as in UK, US, Singapore and Malaysia for different audience. 

The fall tour enters urban art spaces and screening groups, seeking the opportunity to communicate with the local neighbourhood and urban culture. The 

spring tour visits more than 100 domestic and international universities, reaching out to the future of Chinese cinema.

  1. films from the FIRST competition and screening programmes, across all genres: fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, would be presented in theaters, arthouse cinema and art spaces with Public Programming after the film festival.

Public Programming tries to seek a customized channel of screening for these films outside film festivals. In this digital era, we still value the interaction in 

collective viewing and the varied film culture in different cities. We also wish that these not-so-mainstream cinema expression, could meet the audience 

looking for cinema text of freshness and freedom. These together, would gradually shape our cinema culture.

  1. FIRST Public Programming fall tour opens for submissions during September 28- December 1. The tour last from October 20 to December 20. 

Click here to read the Guide for FIRST Public Programming. 

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