Shanxia Documentary Lab

Then entry for Shanxia Documentary Lab (2nd selection) has closed. The 3rd selection will open in the third quarter of 2018.

The discussion and debate around Chinese documentaries never cease. Documentarians who are rejected to the mainstream viewing try to lead a nomadic 

way of filmmaking and strive their ways to reach their own “mountain foot”. Since half a century ago, the radically developing Chinese society has held many 

samples of cultural topics in store, and in the continuously evolving historical/natural/humanistic environment, the authors of documentaries have always been 

maintaining conscious creation and attempting to raise questions via films. Along the way, they paved a unique path of existence for the Chinese 

documentary authors amidst the chaos of documentary film whose market environment is still not sound. Although the living environment is extremely 

arduous, a host of important works stand themselves out from the contemporary Chinese documentaries through the screening of time. In contrast to capital 

fervor and clamor which mark the fiction film market, the crude environment of documentary films has given birth to creation levels and humanistic spirits 

which are superior to those of the feature films on the whole. 

The Shanxia Documentary Lab was initiated by Mr. Chen Kun in conjunction with FIRST International Film Festival. In order to encourage documentary 

authors to tap documentary images for topics with cross-cultural diversities, create works with socio-cultural values and promote benign development of the 

market environment of documentaries, the lab will finally select 1-2 documentary film proposal project(s) based on comprehensive evaluation of their 

humanistic scopes.The Shanxia Documentary Lab calls for entries every year after the festival, building more channels of cooperation with international 

institutions and film festivals by virtue of its own platform resources. Aside from cash awards, Shanxia will provide documentary workshops and resources of 

international documentary distribution so as to provide systematic service to Chinese documentary makers.

Please click here for the Rules and Regulations of Shanxia Documentary Lab..pdf

Shanxia Projects:

2nd Selection: Portrait: Lao Sun, Peach Blossom   (影片方块)

1st Selection: Mama, The Confused Youth  (影片方块)

Recommendation Committee: