FIRST Lab, as a constant and noncommercial public platform which serves directors/writers, is based on the increasingly thorough measurements of FIRST 

International Film Festival Xining. Together with FIRST Training Camp and Film Financing Forums, FIRST Lab will form a united incubating system 

centralized onFIRST International Film Festival Xining.

Why launch FIRST Lab?

As we have noticed in recent years, there is numerous cash flooding into China film industry. Hot money is eager to monetizing talent. For this reason, capital 

has no patience to wait for craftsmen to develop content, and the impatience leads to an enormous waste of talent. Speculators sense the huge demand for 

content, and therefore, they have created various film markets and programs, which cover the illusion of a flourishing film market and the market bubbles. 

Under the circumstances, all film festivals are obligated to beware of the inclination and not become platforms encouraging the misconduct. In keeping with its 

commitment to provide sustained support for emerging filmmakers, FIRST International Film Festival Xining launches the FIRST Lab, which aims at getting 

involved in content development as a public platform as well as bridge the communication between capital and talent. 


FIRST Lab (2017), initiated by FIRST International Film Festival Xining, provides filmmakers with access to a customized suite of support designed to 

encourage diverse and bold artistic creation. With the support of established mentors and production entity, FIRST Lab, together with writers will work 

intensively to develop their craft and advance their projects following the harsh criteria. 


FIRST Lab will provide ¥50,000 in financial support to lab-supported projects in their development.


Submission Schedule

How to apply for FIRST Lab ?

  1. Fill out the application form   click here to download the form
  2. Collect your supporting documents:
  3. An Applicant statement(Custom format): 
  4. Applicants’ bios and the introduction of previous works;
  5. Project Proposal: including but not limited to the origin of the idea, theme interpretation, comparison, image style, target audience, budget, synopsis, treatment, character setting, genre, background, research and related news;
  6. Goals or expectations for the lab.
  7. Completed Script
  8. Portfolio and Fake Trailer in format of DVD or links. DVDs should be marked with film title, director’s name and passwords.
  9. Additional material

3.     Sumbit

All the literal material should be sent in format of PDF to Your email subject line should follow: Name + The year you were selected into 

FIRST festival. If you were selected to competition program or financing forum, you should include titles of the film projects in the subject line. 


  Please also deliver the above material including DVDs, hard copies of forms, scripts and statements to: FIRST International Film Festival Committee, Yard 

No. 7 Huitong Office Park, 1 Yaojiayuan South Road, Beijing, China, 100025

All FIRST spokesmen, judges will be involved and give guidance on project development and get work made and shown